Gerrards Cross Squash Club
Honours Board - 2015
TournamentWinner Runner-up
Club Champion T Loran M Burnett
Summer Handicap Champion R Fisher T Loran
Winter Handicap Champion M Jacobs D Sledge
Summer Handicap Plate P Adams R Patrick
Winter Handicap Plate T Tyson M Kapusniak
Veterans' Champion S Hefferman R Fisher
Vintage Champion C Hockin P Sutcliffe
Ladies' Champion P Bagg N Singh
Men's Plate N Webb G Fowler
Winter Points Champion S Free R Rickman
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Rory by a Hair's Breadth in Handicap Hustle

Rory Fisher took the prize in a dramatic climax to the 2015 Rob Milliner Summer Handicap Tournament by beating Trevor Loran on Sunday night. The match ended on a double match point after Trevor had painstakingly clawed his way back from the 50 - 85 starting point only to be denied by a slip of the racket as he went around the angles from deep in the back forehand corner. It was the slightest of margins in a very tight match that kept the small crowd enthralled from start to finish.

It is notoriously difficult to find a handicap for first team players without the aid of complex mathematical tools, Trevor especially. Hard work from Rory always managed to keep him just ahead of the game until late into the nighties when Trevor caught up at the 97 all mark. A fortuitous stroke followed by a relatively easy point gave Rory two match points which Trevor was able to nullify with two hard fought points. Queue the final point and the fateful boast from the back of the court which Trevor had used several times to good effect throughout the match.

So, the spoils went to Rory as he took his second Summer Handicap title and few would begrudge it for the hard work he was forced to put in; his resolve no doubt fired in the forge of hard-won early round victories.

Jacobs takes title in Handicap cracker

Mike Jacobs regained the Ken Hewison Winter Handicap title by beating David Sledge in an entertaining final on Sunday 8 March. He had previously held the title in 2006. Earlier in the day, David had liberated the crown from the grasp of Simon Free who had been looking to add a consecutive Winter title to match the two Summer titles he holds.

The final was a step too far for David, though, even with the help of an 80 – 40 starting handicap; the points came all too slowly for him to halt Michael’s relentless progress towards the magic figure of 100. After a series of punishing rallies, Michael reached that mark whilst David was still on 96, his dream of repeating his own 2001 victory having long since slipped from his grasp.

The small crowd had mostly slipped away at the final whistle making the trophy ceremony a quiet affair. Organisers, Richard and Anita Crosbie, were pleased to report a 60% increase in the number of entrants compared with the previous handicap tournament. In the main tournament, three matches reachedthe magic score of 100 - 99 and a further seven were settled by five points or less.

Plate Prize as Paul Beats Patrick

Paul Adams won the Plate competition of the 2015 Rob Milliner Summer Handicap Tournament by beating Richard Patrick in the final before the main event on Sunday evening. Paul had started on 70 to Richard's 65, reflecting their relative league positions of 4 and 3 respectively, with Paul sealing the win at 100 - 96. Both finalists were previous winners of handicap tournaments, most recently in 2012 when they shared the victories with Paul taking the Summer honours and Richard the Winter.

Richard is a massive presence on the court and will overshadow the 'T' if you let him, forcing opponents deep into the corners with strong low drives but Paul found the antidote by skipping round him to take the pace off the ball and forcing Richard to use up energy around the court. Overall, Richard will probably be a little disappointed by his performance but it was an enjoyable match for the crowd as a starter for what was to come later.

Tyson picks up Handicap plate

The Plate competition in the 2015 Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament pitted newcomers Tom Tyson and Martin Kapusniak against each other. The pair had just swapped places in the league with Tom dropping down from 2 to 3 and Martin climbing to take his place. A 5 point margin separated them as they started on 75 to Tom and 70 to Martin. An intriguing battle ensued with the pair trading point for point in the early stages before Tom pulled ahead to lead by 7 points as Martin reached the 90 mark. This prompted a renewed effort from Martin and he clawed back several points against the now tiring Tom before finally succumbing 100 – 98.

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Pauline bags Ladies' title

Pauline Bagg won the final of the Gerrards Cross Squash Club Ladies' Tournament on Sunday 21 March to become the first Ladies' Champion since 2009 beating Nina Singh in the process. The 9 - 5, 9 - 1, 9 - 1 scoreline tells the tale of the match where, after a relatively close first game, Nina was unable to sufficiently trouble Pauline for the remainder of the match. There were plenty of well contested rallies but Nina gave Pauline a little too much room to play and so she collected most of the points.

Well done to both finalists, congratulations to Pauline and comiserations to Nina and here's hoping we don't have to wait aanother 6 years for the next Ladies Champion to be crowned.

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